Student Projects at Department of Textile and Clothing Technology

Students  carry out research project related to their studies.

2016 projects:


Developing a life saving swim suit
New methodolgy to asses solour fastness of fabric
Reduce the Colour Shade Variation From Lab to Bulk
Smart Clothing with touch sensitivity
Adoptive clothing designs for adults who are disabled temporary due to accidents
Reducing rejections of Molded bra cups
Deverlopment of technological process to weave cotton fabrics on water jet looms
Improvement of Colour Consisency & Reduction of Colour Variation in Bulk to Bulk
Develop Strech threads and investigate the performance of seams with strech denims
Investigating the anti-microbial finishes on fabric to ameliorate their performance against the benchmark
Laying a set of elsatomertic yarns on a non-linear path in a warp knitted structures
Development of a fabric relaxation system for knitted fabrics
Study the hourly production variations in apparel manufacturing organisations
Disposible non-woven filtering material with the integration of activated carbon
Development of a Strap Automation System
Application of Multi-Skilling Concept to Improve productivity through effective line balancing


2015 projects:

Effect of air-intermingled yarn parameters on melange fabric properties
Development of fibre-reinforced polymer composite with improved flexibility
A Method for Accelerating Relaxation for the Dimensional Stability Test
Develop a system to standardize the process of casualwear manufacturing plant
Development of non-toxic mosquito repellent fabric to Sri Lankan textile industry
Study the applicability of Project Planning Concepts in Apparel Manufacturing Organization to improve On Time Delivery
Development of nano sizing solution in weaving preparation
Development of a Quality Management System for a knitting textile manufacturing organization
Study the thermal shrinkage behavior of the warp knitted fabric
Study the effect of warping variations on fabric quality in warp knitting
Development of System to minimize the tension variations of elastic tapes on narrow fabric looms
Develop Thermal Conductive fabric using nano-technology




Extension Course New Time Table

New Time Table for Extension Courses  

Moratuwa University Textile Association seminar, 16 September 2016

GSP + & Its Impact on Apparel Export Industry symposium was held on 16 September 2016 at The Kingsbury Hotel Colombo.

The Speech Craft Program

The Speech Craft Program 2016 was held on 24th August at the Department


The Annual General Meeting of the Fashion Design Students Society of the Department


The inauguration of the MAS Award for the Best Overall  


The Annual General Meeting of the Textile Engineering Student  


The annual Texa ‘Padura’ 2016 was held on 17May at the  

Dr GLD Wickramasinghe was promoted to Professor

Dr GLD Wickramasinghe was promoted to Professor in Textile Engineering of the  

Dr. EASK Fernando has been promoted to the post of Professor

Dr. EASK Fernando has been promoted to the post of Professor in Textile Engineering  

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